characteristics of a blog that makes money online

There are a few common traits that are observed in all blogs that make a lot of money online. Most authors after all are looking to make a nice amount of money from their blogs. Why is it that some are successful while others are not? This post answers to this question by listing all the qualities that are consistently observed in all successful money generating blogs. Hope you benefit from it.

Trustworthy Author: You cannot advice others to make money online if you yourself as an author have not earned a single cent from your blog. This is where most make money online blogs take a hit. Their authors are complete amateurs and their blog looks like it does not make a single cent. Be an expert at the niche of your blog, even you just blog about tying shoe laces. Because in the end only those bloggers are successful at making money online who are passionate about their blog’s niche. A knowledgeable author will create more amazing content than a newbie who knows about the topics he writes about.
Connect with Readers: This is one point that any blog has to follow in order to be successful. Because after all blogging is reader-based and meant for a reader to interact with the author. A weblog is reader oriented; this is the main reason why blogging got popular. All the articles of a successful blog prompt the reader to leave comments and be active in discussion. Blog which create a community around them are successful at making money online.
Unique Content: The content is unique and very fresh. Most regular readers on the internet are tired of reading the same content over and over again. If your blog’s content is original and never read it will easily attract readers to itself. And a blog with regular readership base will always make money online. Creativity and innovation are the basic rules to create posts that your readers will love and enjoy.
Professional Blog Layout: Blogs that make money have a very professional layout. They do not have an AdSense ad on every header and sidebar of their template. In fact, they give more priority to the e-mail subscription form and RSS readers. In this way, they are able to concentrate on building readership. The blog template of high-earning blogs is usually very plain and simple. The visitors can easily navigate through their posts.
E-books/Blog Video: Most bloggers who make money online have virally circulated their content on the internet. They provide free e-books to those who subscribe to their blog. Professional how-to videos are available and their blogs are huge repository of knowledge. They can express themselves very effectively to the visitors. Also, they leverage the audio/video tools by making different videos tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo to teach perfectly.

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